The Beauty Detox Solution

Eat Your Way to Radiant Skin, Renewed Energy and the Body You've Always Wanted
The Beauty Detox SolutionWritten by: Kimberly Snyder
Reviewed by: Eric

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The Review:

So why not give "The Beauty Detox Solution" highest ratings? Because the nutrition plan is on the extreme side and leaves me with more questions than answers. ie, where do I find nutritional yeast? First of all, Kimberly Snyder did a cool work describing how our stomach breaks down each type of food and why she recommends eating meals in a particular order to make it simpler for our bodies to digest and then absorb nutrients. Her theory is that if it's simpler for our bodies to digest, absorb, and eliminate, our bodies have more time to heal itself (this is where the beauty part comes in) rather than just focusing on digestion 24/7.

Second, it makes sense if we cut out animal protein, dairy, alcohol, and anything else that makes our bodies acidic, from our diets and replace them with cause so that we'll be healthier and maintain our weight. It's just difficult to swallow that data and put it into practice on a daily basis. This book gives you so much knowledge and then you end up feeling bad that you aren't putting everything into practice. As you can tell, Kimberly Snyder pushes vegie and vegan diets as the healthiest route but she does tell you don't have to give up meat all together.

She recommends no more than three dinners a week with meat, preferably not land animals. She also highly suggests eating raw since none of the nutrients are lost to cooking. Again, it makes sense but dang it I like to steam my veggies. The one thing Miss Snyder recommended that I had never heard about was eating fruits by themselves and nothing afterwards for at least 20 minutes since our bodies absorb them so quickly (when eaten by themselves) and make are intestines very acidic. She says that having fruit with anything else will make everything inside our intestines putrefy and take a actually long time to be killed.

I like the green smoothie recipe and can definitely do it 5 mornings a week but not too impressed about her oat groat recipe. Miss Snyder has three various phases for the detox so actually everyone could manage one of those phases depending on your conviction. If you are difficult core, you'll give up meat, eat mostly raw meals, go organic, and be popping tons of pills (probiotic supplements, digestive enzymes, and magnesium-oxygen supplements) each day. If you're like me, you'll be drinking the green smoothie, increase the days you're vegie, and just overall watch what you eat and in what order.

The book is a wealth of knowledge and I can imagine most people will think it's not realistic. But, take your new found knowledge and at least try several changes and see what difference it will make.

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