Outsmart Your Cancer

Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work (Second Edition)With CD
Outsmart Your CancerWritten by: Tanya Harter Pierce
Reviewed by: Liz M

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The Review:

You have just been diagnosed with Carcinoma. The large C. It's not someone else - it's You, and if you just sit there stunned, you will Die. - Miserably. You must do something, so you start asking around to find out your settings. You have only two:1.

Let someone else decide what is best for you and give in to chemo, surgery, radiation, and all the accompanying health horrors. Take matters into your own hands, and save yourself. If you decide to take charge of your own life, start by reading Outsmart Your Carcinoma.

It is the result of some great research by Tanya Harter Pierce. This data would take years to find for yourself. The book is complete with data on all the major alternative non-toxic carcinoma procedures available today. This is a cool book.

I am still alive today because I used one of the approaches described in Outsmart Your Carcinoma - I chose the Protocel therapy because it is backed by solid science, and it is a treatment compatible with my busy lifestyle. The book has an impressive definition of Protocel, its log, how to take it, and how-and-why it operates. Almost 18 months ago I was diagnosed with breast carcinoma (the tumor was bigger than a large, solid walnut). Hoping to ward-off surgery, I went for chemotherapy.

It was a lethal combination of three of the most deadly concoctions ever devised by humans. The side-effects are unspeakable. After 5 months of chemo, there was little change in the tumor, and radical surgery was indicated. Somehow death was not as scary as the radical surgery, radiation, and more chemo.

I refused. Two days later I read Tanya Harter Pierce's definition of Protocel, and I got my life back. If only I had read Outsmart Your Carcinoma before the chemo, I would have saved myself plenty of physical pain and heartache. Instead, thanks to Tanya's book and Protocel, I have not needed surgery and the tumor is almost gone.

I still have my energy (i am doing pilates and taking tango lessons). Outsmart Your Carcinoma tells you all you need to know to evaluate these various procedures and how to get back to health. It is a real bargain, - complete with contact data, names, and numbers. You will find your time and cash was well-spent.

--liz M.

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