Hands of Light

A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field
Hands of LightWritten by: Barbara Brennan, Jos. A. Smith
Reviewed by: Cynthia Sue Larson

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The Review:

I consider Hands Of Light to be an essential reference book for anyone who is seriously interested in exploring energy healing. I am excited with the way author Barbara Ann Brennan describes her early babyhood experiences of sensing energy fields around trees and all living things, and even more excited that after many years of training in physics and western ways of scientism, she never lost her inner sense of knowing. Hands Of Light contains many images of auras and chakras, which serve to illustrate her points about how to identify common individuality kinds and relationship kinds basing on her in-depth individual healing experiences.

Brennan also proceeds to explain how to help enhance one's health by working on one's energy field. Full enjoyment of Hands Of Light requires that the reader either have an open mind regarding the fact that many people can see auras and chakras, or the opportunity to see these things oneself. Brennan offers workouts to help people learn how to see energy fields, so any reader with a sincere interest in the subject of energy healing will most likely be very satisfied with this classic book.

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