100 Questions & Answers About Lymphoma

100 Questions  &  Answers About LymphomaWritten by: Peter Holman and Jodi Garrett
Reviewed by: Lymphoma Survivor

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The Review:

100 Q&a books tend to answer, well, 100 questions. Haing read the book I believe it is a nice introduction to lymphoma from a new patient, family member, or loved one. Data is written very clearly and you do not have to wade via ten sections to find a specific nuggent of data. The format does have the limitation that each subject mentioned is not explored in-depth compared to some of the other books in the same class. While very nice for an introduction, if a patient is down into therapy or trying to decide on a specific therapy among choices, you'll wish to look at another text. But if one of my family & buddies wanted to learn just a bit more after hearing I was diagnosed (if diagnosed today) I'd advise "100 Questions & Answers About Lymphoma". For my caregiver, I'd steer them towards more complete texts like Living with Lymphoma or maybe even the more medically oriented books Hodgkin's Condition or The Non-hodgkin's Lymphomas both by Mauch et al.

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